Our Goals

A few excerpts from the Certificate of Incorporation of the Fund for Reunion, Inc. (Princeton BTGALA), will give an idea of our aims.

The purposes for which the Corporation is formed...shall be exclusively charitable, educational, scientific and literary...

  • To enable the self-affirmation of LGBT people.
  • To encourage a sense of shared identity.
  • To promote awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the LGBT community.
  • To maintain a climate of social acceptance of gay, lesbian and bisexual people.
  • To make distributions of money and property...to persons who are affiliated with Princeton University as present or former students, faculty and administrators and other staff, and to other organizations, for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes.

Eventually, we hope to be able to support LGBT scholarship and a campus cultural center. Our current activities are of necessity more modest in scope:

  • Maintaining a central office.
  • Organizing events at Reunions.
  • Soliciting and donating money to the University to support gay, lesbian and bisexual student activities. (By giving through the Fund, donors may remain anonymous, but allow their numbers and Classes to which they belong to be reflected.)
  • Giving direct support to undergraduates, graduate students and faculty who are engaged in LGBT related research and study.
  • Encouraging the collection by Princeton University of archives from organizations that have been influential in LGBT related public policy.