History of Princeton BTGALA

In the fall of 1985, Dick Limoges '60 approached Shawn Cowls '87 regarding how to contribute to the gay and lesbian student groups (the men's group at the time known as the Gay Alliance of Princeton, or GAP, while the women's group was Gay Women of Princeton) and have the University take note of it. Cowls, who at the time was the men's group president, was interested in a way of bringing more continuity to the student group via more involvement with alumni.

The two of them, along with GWOP president Margaret Miller '86, met with Dean Muriel Whitcomb on December 9, 1985 to discuss formation of an alumni support group for the gay student groups.

On Alumni Day, 1986, a reception and meeting of alumni on the GAP list at the time was held. Ten alumni participated in the meeting. During the months preceding the meeting it became clear that University restrictions on the formation of such a group would be prohibitive of accomplishing the desired goals, so at the meeting it was decided to incorporate separately from the University as an independent not-for-profit corporation. It was also decided that the organization should be separate from New York's Princeton GALA, a primarily social organization for gay and lesbian Princetonians. The purpose would be to "support and finance gay related activities on Princeton University's campus... (and) also encourage alums across the country and around the world to take an interest in what is happening at the University, with the intent to create a body of University-related people which could influence the University's position towards gays (students, faculty, and alums) and the study of gay related issues."

The next meeting was held on April 6th, 1986, at the Princeton Club of New York which decided on the structure of the organization. The organization was officially incorporated on the Wednesday before May 30, 1986.

On November 20, 1986, the Honorable William J. Thom, Civil Court Judge of the City of New York, hosted an event at his home officially announcing the formation of the Fund for Reunion.

History provided by Shawn Cowls '87.